[arch-general] nftables partially broken after kernel update to 4.16.9

Bill Sun cap.sensitive at gmail.com
Tue May 22 03:31:57 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I just updated one of my computer to 4.16.9. After update, the following
nft commands will not work:
    nft add table ip nat <--- this one works without error
	nft add chain ip nat prerouting { type nat hook prerouting priority 0 \; }
    This will give me the following error message:
    Could not process rule: Device or resource busy.

However, the default simple firewall still works. I have another
computer that is still on 4.16.8, and the example above works; further,
switching back to a lts kernel (4.14.41) also works.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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