[arch-general] aws-sdk-cpp-git: cmake issues compiling proograms for it

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Apr 13 18:39:49 UTC 2019

Hey hey,
I have already posted a comment on AUR for the package in question, and so 
apparently had someone else in October of last year.

Is, by any chance, someone using this API/SDK? Is there maybe a simple 
fix/workaround for the CMake issue?

The issue is that, with the simplest setup and code - CMakeLists.txt taken 
from amazon's examples on GitHub, the following error is returned:
*** cmake output ***
CMake Error at /lib64/cmake/AWSSDK/AWSSDKConfig.cmake:122 (message):
AWS SDK for C++ headers found, but we were unable to locate the binaries.
Have you deleted or moved it?
Please make sure header files and binaries are located in 
*** End of cmake output ***
This suggests that files are looked for in something like:
whereas files are installed as:
Since this looks rather sensible annd the package has been around for a while, 
I think that I might be the bug here. :) So if someone can help, I'd 
appreciate it very much.

Best wishes,


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