[arch-general] Opening a document with unicode in path

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 2 16:48:00 UTC 2019

On 8/2/19 8:59 AM, John Z. wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>     there's a document on Dropbox, that has unicode character in its
>     path (french character). Trying to open this document with libre
>     office (Plasma is running) fails with 'file not found', and the path
>     shown with error clearly presents the path with that unicode
>     character replaced by '??'
>     What I tried:
>     * copy the document in a path where there's no unicode - it opens
>     * copy the document using shell - it works
>     * copy the document using Dolphin (from Plasma) - it works
>     * check $LANG - its set to `en_CA.UTF8`
>     * search for 'libreoffice unicode path', 'archlinux unicode path'
>       and plethora of similar search terms - not much came through
>     This makes me think the issue is actually with LibreOffice, but the
>     reason I ask here, and not in their forum, is that on another
>     computer running Ubuntu - this works without fail, so I'm fairly
>     certain the issue is in some local configuration.
>     Could anyone shed some light on this, please, or at least point me
>     in some direction where I could look?

Can you determine some steps that exactly reproduce the problem?
Assuming that the problem should manifest when opening the file using
/usr/bin/loffice /path/to/file, I tried creating a test file and opening
it, and it worked:

$ mkdir -p '/tmp/unicode paths are 💩/'
$ touch '/tmp/unicode paths are 💩/testfile.txt'
$ loffice '/tmp/unicode paths are 💩/testfile.txt'

I could successfully edit this file in libreoffice, save content, or
reopen it.
Tested with LANG=en_US.UTF-8 and the libreoffice-fresh package

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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