[arch-general] Xterm and .Xresources

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sun Aug 11 08:41:38 UTC 2019

Hi Storm,

> > > I found that if I export TERM=vt220 that most keys do work
> > 
> > If you start an xterm(1) and find TERM is `xterm' then I'd leave it
> > alone.
> My TERM reports as Linux. Should I export it as xterm?

xterm(1) says

    Terminal database (terminfo (5) or termcap (5)) entries that work
    with xterm include

        an optional platform-specific entry (“xterm”),
        “ansi” and

    Xterm automatically searches the terminal database in this order for
    these entries and then sets the “TERM” variable (and the “TERMCAP”
    environment variable on a few older systems).  The alternatives
    after “xterm” are very old, from the late 1980s.

So presumably something in your set up, e.g. .bash_profile, is setting
it to ‘Linux’.  Yes, set it to ‘xterm’.

I'd also expect you to have /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm-256color that
means it can alternatively be set to ‘xterm-256color’.

Cheers, Ralph.

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