[arch-general] Failed to compile python 2.7.9 with pyenv on arch.

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 2 06:38:24 UTC 2019

On 12/2/19 1:00 AM, Hongyi Zhao via arch-general wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to compile python 2.7.9 with pyenv on arch linx with the
> following command:
> ===========
> $ pyenv install 2.7.9
> Installing Python-2.7.9...
> patching file ./Lib/site.py
> patching file ./Lib/ssl.py
> ERROR: The Python ssl extension was not compiled. Missing the OpenSSL lib?
> Please consult to the Wiki page to fix the problem.
> https://github.com/pyenv/pyenv/wiki/Common-build-problems

Well, the error message is pretty clear that the problem is "the OpenSSL
lib", so if you look on that wiki page for information about the OpenSSL
lib, you'll hit the following subcomponent of that page:


It specifically calls out archlinux with an indication that this ancient
version of python requires an openssl version less than 1.1 (and
mentioning the name of the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS you'll need to
successfully compile ancient python in such cases).

This matches the official python2 documentation:

"Changed in version 2.7.13: Updated to support linking with OpenSSL 1.1.0"

> BUILD FAILED (Arch Linux using python-build 1.2.15-2-g22c0202)
> Inspect or clean up the working tree at /tmp/python-build.20191202134159.88051
> Results logged to /tmp/python-build.20191202134159.88051.log
> Last 10 log lines:
> rm -f /home/werner/.pyenv/versions/2.7.9/share/man/man1/python.1
> (cd /home/werner/.pyenv/versions/2.7.9/share/man/man1; ln -s python2.1 python.1)
> if test "xno" != "xno"  ; then \
>         case no in \
>                 upgrade) ensurepip="--upgrade" ;; \
>                 install|*) ensurepip="" ;; \
>         esac; \
>          ./python -E -m ensurepip \
>                 $ensurepip --root=/ ; \
> fi
> ==================

These log lines are useless, your problem has nothing to do with running

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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