[arch-general] pacman has nothing to do last 5 days

mick howe mickhowe292 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 04:29:48 UTC 2019

> This seems weird, what mirror are you using? Maybe the mirror is broken
> and you need to update your mirrorlist.
Updated mirrorlist to 2019-10-01 and selected all australian mirrors and
then had to disable arnet, now all goodish

> P.S. STOP using -Syyuu, since the double y tells pacman to force
> download databases even when the server says there is no update, and the
> double u tells pacman to downgrade any packages the server claims are old.

noted and done

> If you used a plain old -Syu, then you would almost certainly see five
> days worth of "[repository] is already up to date", which would be a
> definite red flag that something is wrong. Now that you used -Syyuu, we
> have no idea whether your pacman installation refreshed the databases
> because the server said they needed to be refreshed or because you told
> pacman to ignore the freshness.
> Been using Syyuu almost since I started using Arch, first time I noticed
> any badness with pacman


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