[arch-general] amdgpu: blank screen on Radeon RX 460

Bjoern Franke bjo at schafweide.org
Mon Dec 16 16:56:50 UTC 2019


since some updates in the last days - I have not found out yet which one
caused it - my Radeon RX 460[1] only shows a blank screen after starting
lightdm and also switching to terminal is not possible. As a workaround
booting with "amdgpu.dc=0" helps - but then audio via HDMI is broken.
The issue appeared once some months ago, but after wondering why audio
is broken I removed "amdgpu.dc=0" and everything went smooth - until now.

I've searched through the BBS and amdgpu bugreports, tested some kernel
commandline parameters like amdgpu.gpu_recovery=1, switching to DRI "2",
but no solution yet.

Does somebody else have a similar gpu and experiences a similar issue?

Best regards

[1] 07:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
[AMD/ATI] Baffin [Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro
450/455/460/555/555X/560/560X] (rev cf)

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