[arch-general] Firewire : resume from suspend may fail

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Tue Dec 31 14:32:16 UTC 2019

Obviously, I did not precise that it happened after adding a firewire card on 
the PCIE-1 slot. I also did a system upgrade at the same time.

After removing the firewire extension card, well, the problem persisted.

I notice that this box would resume normally if it is suspended in a virtual 
terminal. And I recalled I had a similar problem on my laptop.

I dropped this script in /usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/ :

if [ "$1" = "pre" ];then
        chvt 2
if [ "$1" = "post" ];then
        chvt 1
exit 0

The machine would then resume in KDE, after switching to a virtual terminal 
with no $DISPLAY on suspend, and back to VT 1 on resume. It does so with the 
firewire extension card back in place also.

This seems to be related to KDE, and not the presence of a firewire card in the 

Sorry to have bothered you.

Happy New Year !

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