[arch-general] pambase in testing breaks email

Genes Lists lists at sapience.com
Sat Jan 5 17:57:36 UTC 2019

pambase 20190105.1-1 caused bad failure for email.
The error I saw immediately was from postfix failing to authenticate 
users via saslauthd which in turn blames pam.  Downgrading back to 
20171006-1 restores email funtioning ok.

Logs say:

saslauthd[22214]: pam_warn(smtp:auth): function=[pam_sm_authenticate] 
flags=0x8000 service=[smtp] terminal=[<unknown>] user=[lists] 
ruser=[<unknown>] rhost=[<unknown>]

saslauthd[22214]: DEBUG: auth_pam: pam_authenticate failed: 
Authentication failure

saslauthd[22214]: do_auth         : auth failure: [user=lists] 
[service=smtp] [realm=] [mech=pam] [reason=PAM auth error]

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