[arch-general] Gnome Shell suspend-then-hibernate

Frank Zimmermann frank.zimmermann.berlin at freenet.de
Wed Jan 9 17:32:50 UTC 2019

Good evening,

inspired by a previous thread when Gnome 3.30 introduced suspend-then-
hibernate I did setup hibernation on my laptop. By the time I did this
Gnome reverted to the standard suspend, probably by the critics
received. So I added the following line to my logind.conf

This worked fine until recently the system won't no longer suspend then
hibernate when Gnome Shell is running. A manual systemctl suspend-then-
hibernate works as expected. I've checked in dconf editor and there's
no option to choose suspend-then-hibernate. 

I for my self find this function quite neat since the laptop is quite
often sitting long periods without being in use.

Any ideas if there's possibility to gain this function with gnome back?

Thanks Frank

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