[arch-general] X logs me out from tty on close

Ali Emre Gülcü aliemreglc at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 09:16:20 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,
I had a rather interesting problem recently. I dont have any display
manager and I open desktop environment from tty when needed. Previously
when I logged out from Xfce or closed down X server, it would put me back
on my tty session. Now when I do the same, it also logs me out from tty and
I must login again. Is this the expected behaviour after some xorg or
kernel update? Or did I mess up something? I tried with both `startx` and
`startxfce4`. And to be sure that this is not an driver related problem, I
also tried with `nvidia-xrun`, same results.
Thanks in advance.

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