[arch-general] Kpartx should be in the repos and archiso for enabling encrypted GPT install

Neven Sajko nsajko at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 19:00:24 UTC 2019

> You don’t need kpartx though. Neither losetup or LVM. I did several
> encrypted GPT install without any of them, so I’m pretty confident about
> this.

You are probably thinking about an encrypted GPT partition. What I am
talking about is an encrypted GPT. To clarify, the partition table
itself (the whole disk) should be encrypted in the scenario.

> Could you instead describe your actual issue that make you think kpartx
> is required?
> Regards,
> Bruno

As I said in the first mail, the kernel does not automatically
recognize partitions on device maps, unlike on sd devices.

Neven Sajko

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