[arch-general] How to grant Apache httpd permission to serve files from my home directory?

Peter Nabbefeld peter.nabbefeld at gmx.de
Thu Jan 24 11:19:20 UTC 2019

Hi Ralph,

thank You for Your reply. But a solution for the httpd server will still 
lack permissions for the uwsgi demon. Otherwise, I've noticed some files 
in my home directory have permissions 755, while others have only 744. 
For executable scripts, IMHO 755 should be correct, so I set those 
permissions. But my home directory itself isn't accessible (permissins 
710, and it even seems it should have 700), so this doesn't work, too.

I also tried to create a symbolic link to some directory I haven't 
access to as a normal user (using sudo and chown -h), but this doesn't 
seem to work, either (I only tried a directory listing). So far, the 
problem seems I need to permit access not only to the directories I want 
to grant it, but also to the parent directories, what is not what I want.

So, is there some other way than to use ACLs (Well, I guess they don't 
solve the problem with folders hierarchy, but at least they give finer 
control, hopefully, to what is allowed. The problem with existing 
permissions is, while my home directory is "protected", everything in it 
has only loosely assigned restrictions, so opening my home directory for 
general access seems to be a bad idea ...)?

Kind regards


Am 24.01.19 um 10:57 schrieb Ralph Corderoy:
> Hi Peter,
>> how can I grant Apache httpd permissions to present files out of my
>> home directory?
> https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/howto/public_html.html isn't exactly
> what you want, but investigating what it suggests and how it works may
> lead there.

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