[arch-general] External monitors are no longer detected (Intel graphics)

Florian Wehner florian at whnr.de
Tue Jul 2 11:14:44 UTC 2019

>>> There are *some* issues with intel gpu's and recent kernels. I can't use
>>> multiple monitors in most of the cases as the i915 module misinterpret
>>> possible resolutions, for example.
> Also, I remember some issue with external monitors on this list not long ago: https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-general/2019-June/046539.html Even if the OP suspected a faulty HDMI port, this might still be related.

That was me. Try the following: set the boot Display to HDMI in the bios / Uefi. If it shows stuff (Lenovo logo or bios menu if invoked) it’s not the hardware.

For me the issue fixed itself after a day without explanation.

— Flo

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