[arch-general] External monitors are no longer detected (Intel graphics)

Bennett Piater bennett at piater.name
Wed Jul 3 08:38:16 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-03 10:24, Ralf Mardorf via arch-general wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> since I didn't follow this thread close enough, I don't know if this
>>> is an Arch or upstream related issue. However, it's crass if you
>>> consider it to be most likely an upstream bug and you think somebody
>>> else should do your job.
>>> "Once you have reported a bug upstream or have found other relevant
>>> information from upstream, it might be helpful to post this in the
>>> Arch bug tracker, so both Arch developers and users are made aware
>>> of it." -
>>> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bug_reporting_guidelines#Upstream_or_Arch?
>>> Regards,
>>> Ralf
>> To clarify: I did not find an upstream bug, and I don't know that this
>> is an upstream issue.
> You could be the first one reporting it upstream. My impression when
> reading this thread is, that those participating in this thread have
> got the impression, that it is an upstream bug.
> The Wiki also mentions, in bold letters: "If Arch is not responsible
> for a bug, the problem will not be solved by reporting the bug to Arch
> developers."
> Keep in mind that you suffer from this bug. If a maintainer doesn't
> experience this bug, the maintainer hardly can report the bug
> upstream and in the end you are the one who is affected, if the bug
> will never get fixed.
> My intention isn't to teach you to follow rules. I don't care at all if
> you do or do not. I only want to inform you, that unlikely something
> will happen, if a bug is reported at the wrong place.

Thanks, I'm always willing to learn.

At the very least, now other archers can easily find out about the bug.
When I have more time, I'll try if I can find out more in dmesg or 


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