[arch-general] journalctl - configure date output persistent to short-iso

Jens John lists at 2ion.de
Sun Jun 23 11:05:59 UTC 2019

On Sun, 23 Jun 2019, at 00:22, Friedrich Strohmaier wrote:
> Anyone around who knows or did this already?

>From casually scimming the journalctl source code, unless I've overlooked something, it seems like only  journalctl  handles the presentation of the data in the specified OutputMode which is why there is no journald configuration option, because it's irrelevant to journald.

Inside journalctl, OutputMode is only set from external input via the -o CLI option.

Going by these facts, it seems like there is no way to  archieve what you want just with journalctl.

If that's correct,  there are 2 simple alternatives:

  * alias journalctl='journalctl -o foo'
  * Put a journalctl wrapper into a directory that is at the head of $PATH:

      exec /usr/sbin/journalctl -o foo "$@"

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