[arch-general] I3 installation

Artur Juraszek artur at juraszek.xyz
Wed Jun 26 11:59:35 UTC 2019

You can also consider sway[1], a nearly drop-in replacement for i3 (with
gaps support), but based on Wayland. While I don't want to start a
flamewar between X.org fans and everything else fans, one big feature of
it is that VSync *just works*, without having to drop into arcane
configuration details - a game changer for me, personally.

[1] https://github.com/swaywm/sway

Ram Kumar via arch-general writes:

> Hey Archers,
> I have a fresh installation now. Can you please guide me to install I3 gaps
> wm? I have seen sites but they are confusing me.. i need detaied step by
> step instruction please

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