[arch-general] pacman.log has no timezone information in timestamp

Florian Wehner florian at whnr.de
Fri Mar 1 22:46:44 UTC 2019


I just used the /var/log/pacman.log for the first time to give me the 
last date-time I did a system upgrade ('starting full system upgrade' in 
the log). There is no time-zone info in the time-stamp. It's also not 
UTC. Does anyone know if this is by design or a bug?

Example Output:
[2019-03-01 16:59] [PACMAN] starting full system upgrade
Expected Output:
[2019-03-01 16:59-05:00] [PACMAN] starting full system upgrade

It's confusing when you travel a lot or use 'datediff'.


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