[arch-general] pacman.log has no timezone information in timestamp

mpan archml-y1vf3axu at mpan.pl
Sat Mar 2 00:12:37 UTC 2019

> I just used the /var/log/pacman.log for the first time to give me the
> last date-time I did a system upgrade ('starting full system upgrade' in
> the log). There is no time-zone info in the time-stamp. It's also not
> UTC. Does anyone know if this is by design or a bug?
  `pacman` uses local time of your system. Indeed it seems like an ommision.

  You may consider opening a feature request, so pacman.conf would allow
either an option to include TZ in the logs (good idea) or setting custom
time format (worse idea, as this would bind `pacman` codebase to the
specific time formatting function).

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