[arch-general] Any objections to asking vim to fix PKGBUILD syntax highlighting?

james harvey jamespharvey20 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 11:26:45 UTC 2019

I'd like to post the following issue at: https://github.com/vim/vim/issues/new

Wanted to see if there were any objections from staff, like if even
though the error highlighting is technically wrong, if it's desired to
be left as-is to discourage 'pkgname' being a single element array or
'SKIP' usage when inappropriate, etc.

(Below is in github markup.)

Subject: Incorrect error highlighting in syntax/PKGBUILD.vim

`vimfiles/syntax/PKGBUILD.vim` highlights two things as errors that it
should not.  As an example: the [valid official PKGBUILD file for

    pkgname=(gdb gdb-common)

Specifically, it highlights in: `pkgname` the `(`, ` `, and `)`; and
`sha1sums` the `SKIP`.

`pkgname` is usually not an array, but in the case of split packages,
it can be an array.  See

`sha1sums` is quite often a sha, but it can be `SKIP`, especially when
given a `.sig` file or a git repo.  See

`SKIP` is valid in: `md5sums`, `sha1sums`, `sha224sums`, `sha256sums`,
`sha384sums`, and `sha512sums`.

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