[arch-general] Installing base unattended without specific packages

Sefa Eyeoglu sefa at mailbox.org
Thu May 16 11:44:05 UTC 2019

On Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019 15:12:13 CEST Eli Schwartz via arch-general wrote:
> On 5/14/19 5:08 PM, Sefa Eyeoglu via arch-general wrote:
> > Hey fellow Arch Users,
> > 
> > I am currently playing around with the GitLab CI and automatic building of
> > Arch packages. My modified Arch Linux Docker image should include base
> > and base- devel, but without all of the kernel and hardware stuff.
> > This is the command, that does not work as expected:
> > 
> > pacman -Syu --needed --noconfirm --noprogressbar --ignore linux,linux-
> > firmware base base-devel git
> > 
> > The packages linux and linux-firmware still get installed. I would prefer
> > if there would be a way to install base, but without all of the
> > irrelevant stuff for containers. I would propose something like
> > base-container for this group.
> The --ignore flag does not do what you think it does, it just has the
> same result as if you had listed it in pacman.conf in IgnorePkg
> Note the documentation: "Directs pacman to ignore upgrades of package
> even if there is one available."
> If you explicitly specify both packages on the command-line (which you
> did when you listed "base") then they will still get installed.
> Actually, pacman will interactively prompt you about whether you
> actually want to install them, and --noconfirm will default to "yes".
> This is relevant e.g. when you have "linux" ignored because you don't
> want to upgrade it with every pacman -Syu, but you do want to,
> occasionally, update it manually -- if IgnorePkg stopped you from
> specifying it on the command line, then it would be literally impossible
> to ever update, without modifying your config files in /etc, then
> running a manual update, then reverting your config files in /etc.
> I do not foresee us changing --ignorepkg to operate with a different
> codepath following different rules that differ from IgnorePkg, both
> because I think this is misuse of the feature, and because users will
> then confuse the two and think they are the same when they are not.
> ...
> OTOH you can achieve your desired goal like this:
> $ pacman -Sqg base| grep -Fxv -f <(printf 'linux-firmware\nlinux\n')
> # see list of packages in base, minus two that you want to exclude
> This list can be further piped to pacman -S -

Thanks for all of your replies. I just decided on just removing linux and 
linux-firmware afterwards, as it is the cleanest solution for me. As it is just 
a docker image I am building I don't really care about build time as it is 
built weekly and just used for packaging. I was just hoping, that there would 
be an easy way to exclude packages from a group uninteractively. But just 
removing them is good enough for me. Thanks for all your suggestions though.

Kins regards

Sefa Eyeoglu
Free Software Developer

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