[arch-general] User/group name restrictions

Andy Pieters arch-general at andypieters.me.uk
Thu May 23 19:15:19 UTC 2019


This is something I gotten used to live with for a very long time now,
patching the shadow package every time it is updated to allow capitals in
the user/group names.

I've often meant to write in to ask why and this is that glorious day.

Why is it that uppercase letters are not allowed in user/group names in
Arch Linux please.

It's not that I'm anal about everything, but I was always brought up with
the rule that a person's name should be written with their appropriate
capital letters and not to do so is a deliberate mark of disrespect at the
owner's address.

So imagine my chagrin if I'd have to stare at my terminal all day long with
such deliberate cheekiness staring in my face 😜



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