[arch-general] License for libdrm packages

ProgAndy admin at progandy.de
Thu May 23 22:48:06 UTC 2019

Am 24.05.19 um 00:21 schrieb mar77i via arch-general:
> To answer my own question, of course I screwed it up already.
> Okay, so license=('custom:MIT'), license=('MIT') or license=('custom')?
> manual says: put licenses from /usr/share/licenses/common into the license
> array, otherwise use 'custom' / 'custom:LicenseName'.
> Depending on how many PKGBUILDs you've looked at in the past, you might think,
> of course, you put license=('MIT') for MIT licensed projects in your PKGBUILD.
> Which, as we now established, is incorrect, yet not actually enforced, and the
> more important part of getting this right is to have the original license file
> with the copyright notice in the package, as the document usually asks.
> I think we can bikeshed over the prefered 'custom' or 'custom:MIT' details from
> here on, however, a quick glance at my pacman database shows that a lot of repo
> packages actually don't do what the manpage say, of which there are asp,
> wayland, sdl2... (the list goes on).

Those packages follow the exception published in the wiki[1] which
allows license=('MIT') if you also include the exact license text with
copyright notice in /usr/share/licenses/pkgname. This text has been
there since the creation of the wiki page in November 2009[2] and I
believe before that it was on another wiki page that has since been
deleted without preserving its history[3], so I don't know where it came
from. Should this really be declared as wrong now?

Relevant paragraph of [1]:
> The BSD, ISC, MIT, zlib/png and Python licenses are special 
> cases and could not be included in the licenses package. 
> For the sake of the license array, it is treated as a 
> common license (license=('BSD'), license=('ISC'), 
> license=('MIT'), license=('ZLIB') and license=('Python')), 
> but technically each one is a custom license, because each 
> one has its own copyright line. Any packages licensed under 
> these four should have its own unique license stored in 
> /usr/share/licenses/pkgname.

[1]: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PKGBUILD#license

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