[arch-general] Dual boot Arch with Windows 10

Artur Juraszek artur at juraszek.xyz
Mon May 27 06:36:04 UTC 2019

In addition to this:


Jason Ryan via arch-general writes:

> On 27/05/19 at 11:08am, Ram Kumar via arch-general wrote:
>> Hello Archers,
>> I am planning to install Arch on a dual boot with windows 10. But i have
>> read online that on a dual boot with windows 10, the bootloader will
>> disappear after a windows update and can be cured only by using a live usb.
>> They say that it is for general linux dual boot and not specific to our
>> Arch. Before trying for myself, i would like to know whether anyone here
>> have faced it before, if so, what is the better solution to it?.
>> I need windows too because of ansys package that i use.. could you please
>> help me with this?
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface#Windows_changes_boot_order
> /J

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