[arch-general] Dual boot Arch with Windows 10

Ali Emre Gülcü aliemreglc at gmail.com
Mon May 27 06:40:57 UTC 2019

> create a USB-Key, install extlinux onto it.  In extlinux.conf, you can
> provide kernel cmdline, with root=UUID=xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
> In that way, you can boot your archlinux(and any other linux) from USB, and
> using your main HDD(partition) as the rootfs.
> Note, every time you update the kernel, you must copy the updated vmliuz +
> initramfs.img into you USB disk.
> That is not a LIVE USB-Key, it just an bootable kernel + initramfs. Not a
> completed OS.

You can do that just in case but I don't think it will be necessary. I am
using Arch for years now in 3 different UEFI computers with Windows 10.
Just follow the installation guide and boot loader wiki page. Just like
Jason and Artur linked, wiki warns you for possible problems before you
face them and suggests fixes.
In case you wonder, I am using systemd-boot with (almost) default configs.
Never used GRUB with Arch but it doesn't cause any problems on other Linux
distros (at least for me) with Windows 10 dual boot so it is a safe bet too.


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