[arch-general] How to install archlinux using a specific parition of usb instead of the whole usb?

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Wed Nov 6 01:41:40 UTC 2019

On 11/5/19 8:35 PM, Hongyi Zhao via arch-general wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to use a specific partition of usb to install archlinux, the
> following is the step:
> Suppose the /dev/sdc is my usb:
> $ sudo ddrescue -f archlinux-2019.11.01-x86_64.iso /dev/sdc2
The ISO contains multiple partitions, so probably not. Why are you
trying to do this, precisely? Maybe you want to install archlinux
following the install guide, but installing to the USB partition instead
of an HDD. For example,


Alternatively, you can use grub to boot an ISO *file* as a loopback
device. Some people do this to create multiboot USBs.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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