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> Hey hey Silvio,
> hm this looks more like a challenge for a whole script. I can script, but I'm 
> not always the most efficient.

Yes you right I had think it would be one line :). No worried I search not 
efficient, it will be only a help in the daily hobby project. Every time 
manuell run grep make sick on a computer which are build to make our life
easier :) 

> If your .md files always look the same, i.e. there is always the exact line 
> "date: yyyy-mm-dd" and you can be sure that one script folder will have all 
> articles, because they are originally written in that language, I'd have an 
> idea. 

Yes this files are markdown text files with a header and the content text. 

title: "Title"
date: 2019-10-15
tags: "Gesellschaft"
shorttext: ""
draft: false
lang: de
cover: "society"

So date is in every file and ever in same format because the date formatting
make hugo when build the pages.

> Say your articles are all created in German:
> grep -e "date: 2019-10-1" content/de/blog/*.md >orig.list
> LINES=`wc -l orig.list | awk '{ print $2 }'` # get number of entries
> # do the same for the ohter folders:
> grep -e "date: 2019-10-1" content/en/blog/*.md >en.list
> grep -e "date: 2019-10-1" content/fr/blog/*.md >fr.list
> # complete for other folders

This work it give files and content like: 

$ cat de.list 
content/de/blog/die-grünen-heuchler.md:date: 2019-10-16
content/de/blog/die-killer.md:date: 2019-10-17

> # now check
> while [[ $CURLINE -le $LINES ]]; do
>    CURDATE=`sed -n ${CURLINE}p orig.list # get an article date
>    for FILE in en.list fr.list ru.list and_so_on; do
>      COUNT=`grep -c -e "${CURDATE}" ${FILE}
>  	 if [[ $COUNT -eq 0 ]]; then # not found in translation
>  	   echo ${CURDATE} missing in ${FILE}" >missing.files;
>      fi;
>    done
>    let CURLINE=CURLINE+1; # go to next original date
> done
> rm *.list # remove your temporary files

But this will not work. There is no output at end with a bit 
playing it run endless or there come Syntax Errors. But an Idea 
is born. 

Nice Day & Thank you
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