[arch-general] 'base' package install with non-updated linux-kernel

riveravaldez riveravaldezmail at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 23:04:53 UTC 2019

On 10/19/19, Eli Schwartz via arch-general <arch-general at archlinux.org> wrote:
> If your kernel issue was making you not do any updates at all, this
> seems... suboptimal as you then get no updates at all. The kernel is the
> one package it is completely okay to not upgrade with the rest of your
> system, since it doesn't exactly link to any libraries (or have anything
> link to it), and furthermore, it is totally fine to not have a kernel
> installed (for example, chroots and containers use the host kernel) or
> install any other kernel like the linux-lts kernel, currently at version
> 4.19.80-1.
> So my advice is to either add the "linux" package to IgnorePkg until
> your issue is resolved, or switch to the linux-lts kernel for now. The
> next LTS kernel will skip from 4.19 to 5.4, and hopefully by that time
> this bug will be fixed...
> Then simply keep up to date as normal, while keeping an eye on the
> referenced bugzilla.freedesktop.org ticket.
> Of course, once you are keeping your system up to date while handling
> the kernel separately and specially, you should have no problem
> installing or updating any other package, in this case 'base'.
> Also note that 'base' does not depend on 'linux'.

Thanks A LOT.
This answer was awesome.

> I would disable the nvidia card in the bios and move on with my life,
> never buying anything with a nvidia chip in it again, or until they have
> enough respect for their customers that you can use a FOSS driver and
> have it work 100%.

Will check that.

So, the problem is solved. Should I mark 'SOLVED' in some place or
something like that? Couldn't find some explanation on the Wiki and
Forum, so, let me know if I must, please.

Thanks a lot!

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