[arch-general] Multi-threaded mkinitpcio

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Mon Apr 6 09:47:44 UTC 2020

Hi Giancarlo,

> Of course lzop will be faster than xz, but mkinitcpio's default is gz,
> which should be comparable, at least in speed, with lzop.

A slap-dash test.

    $ perf stat -e instructions gzip <initramfs-linux-lts-fallback >/dev/null
     Performance counter stats for 'gzip':
	19,533,249,541      instructions:u                                              
	  19.642066695 seconds time elapsed
	  19.540737000 seconds user
	   0.100003000 seconds sys
    $ perf stat -e instructions lzop <initramfs-linux-lts-fallback >/dev/null
     Performance counter stats for 'lzop':
	 1,233,520,108      instructions:u                                              
	   1.129177816 seconds time elapsed
	   1.092271000 seconds user
	   0.036743000 seconds sys

gzip is about twenty times slower.

    1,233,520,108 / 19,533,249,541 = 0.0631497644777874596
      1.129177816 / 19.642066695   = 0.05748772944994829119

Yes, my computer is probably slower than most, but then perhaps so is
the OP's.

Cheers, Ralph.

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