[arch-general] No login after update

Archange archange at archlinux.org
Wed Aug 19 19:12:06 UTC 2020

Le 19 août 2020 23:02:12 GMT+04:00, Manuel Reimer <mail+archgeneral at m-reimer.de> a écrit :
>I know that Arch is not for the "average user" and some background 
>knowledge is expected, but this was the first time I needed a boot stick 
>since I think at least one year.
>Some minutes ago I did a regular system update and after that decided to 
>reboot. After reboot I was unable to log into my system. After fiddling 
>a bit I rebooted to an Arch boot stick to find the following message in 
>[2020-08-19T20:42:55+0200] [ALPM] warning: /etc/pam.d/system-login 
>installed as
>As this seemed to be a candidate that may cause login problems, I 
>deleted "system-login" and moved the ".pacnew" into place.
>After reboot I'm now able to log in again...
>IMHO something like this should not happen...
>Maybe it's worth a note on the Arch homepage that it is important to 
>move this pacnew into place before reboot?

Well, if you don’t read pacman output, you’re kind of asking for such troubles. ;) Also in this case, this means that you modified system-login at some point, else it would have been silently replaced. So no, it’s not worth a news entry.


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