[arch-general] Packages "jami-gnome" and "libjamiclient" out of date

Archange archange at archlinux.org
Mon Feb 3 00:39:11 UTC 2020


Le 3 février 2020 00:58:02 GMT+01:00, Friedrich Strohmaier <damokles4-listen at bits-fritz.de> a écrit :
>Hi archers,
>Packages "jami-gnome" and "libjamiclient" are flagged out of date since
>2019-11-16 / 2019-11-20. There are two new releases in place.
>I tried to contact the maintainer twice but nothing happened.
>I retrieved the maintainers (Bruno Pagani) mail adress from this mailinglist.
>I suspect the mails didn't ever get there.

Yours did, but apparently my reply did not.

So, as I’ve tried to say before, these updates are not straight-forward because they have been some complex dependency changes, e.g. they switched to unreleased versions of OpenDHT or restbed was ditched in favour of restinio. I’ve already spent a bit of time trying to figure all this over Christmas, but wasn’t able to figure everything out. And since then, I’ve considerably lacked free time to spend into doing complex tasks for Arch. I hope this will get better soon but I’m not very optimistic about it currently.

You’re free to submit working patches/PKGBUILDs for the new dependencies if you want though, I’ll happily review and merge them. First thing to do is figuring out which point of OpenDHT tree is required, whether it is suitable for packaging, and what are the dependency changes in the tree up to this point since the last release.


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