[arch-general] python-tqdm updates

Chris Billington chrisjbillington at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 17:06:27 UTC 2020

[community]/python-tqdm has updated 13 times in the last week, though the
upstream has not been releasing that rapidly - the new Arch packages
correspond to the last few months of releases.

This process hasn't quite gotten it up to date yet, so I expect one more
update is on the way!

Is there a reason for not just skipping right to the latest version, if
several intermediate versions were missed?

If this is for testing (incremental updates are usually easier to test),
presumably it should occur in [testing].

Or perhaps this is the behaviour of some automated tooling that is
detecting when a package is out of date, and a human hasn't noticed?

This isn't important, I'm just curious.


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