[arch-general] Sha256sum unexpected behaviour

Leonidas Spyropoulos artafinde at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 08:27:11 UTC 2020


I got a weird issue with sha256sum behaviour. When creating the package
with makepkg --geninteg I get a hash and when trying to build it with
makepkg the hash fails. The interesting bit is --ptintsrcinfo comes up
with a different hash.

Anyone got some idea why this might happen?

See below some debugging info

~/linux-gc$ makepkg --geninteg
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found linux-v5.4.10-arch1.tar.gz
  -> Found config
  -> Found 0001_bmq_v5.4-r1.patch
  -> Found 0002_enable_additional_cpu_optimizations-20190822.tar.gz
==> Generating checksums for source files...

~/linux-gc$ makepkg --printsrcinfo
pkgbase = linux-gc
        pkgdesc = Linux
        pkgver = 5.4.10
        pkgrel = 1
        url = https://cchalpha.blogspot.co.uk/
        arch = x86_64
        license = GPL2
        makedepends = bc
        makedepends = kmod
        makedepends = libelf
        makedepends = xmlto
        makedepends = python-sphinx
        makedepends = python-sphinx_rtd_theme
        makedepends = graphviz
        makedepends = imagemagick
        makedepends = git
        options = !strip
        source = linux-v5.4.10-arch1.tar.gz::https://git.archlinux.org/linux.git/snapshot/linux-v5.4.10-arch1.tar.gz
        source = config
        source = 0001_bmq_v5.4-r1.patch::https://gitlab.com/alfredchen/bmq/raw/master/5.4/bmq_v5.4-r1.patch
        source = 0002_enable_additional_cpu_optimizations-20190822.tar.gz::https://github.com/graysky2/kernel_gcc_patch/archive/20190822.tar.gz
        validpgpkeys = ABAF11C65A2970B130ABE3C479BE3E4300411886
        validpgpkeys = 647F28654894E3BD457199BE38DBBDC86092693E
        validpgpkeys = 8218F88849AAC522E94CF470A5E9288C4FA415FA
        sha256sums = 1fda6369ec7038c9ca1fe7aa6206977c5b8983c77e9d74e4ba458a4d042d1d31
        sha256sums = aa77f7e3b611787f734c7e7d7503d3debf9af86ac999e8bccf533c5a854ec15b
        sha256sums = 0b770209a72171dfd46401d67d13204a767eb1749ef522df7ea7292b83046537
        sha256sums = 8c11086809864b5cef7d079f930bd40da8d0869c091965fa62e95de9a0fe13b5

pkgname = linux-gc
        pkgdesc = The Linux kernel and modules with the BMQ CPU scheduler
        depends = coreutils
        depends = kmod
        depends = initramfs
        optdepends = crda: to set the correct wireless channels of your country
        optdepends = linux-firmware: firmware images needed for some devices
        provides = linux-gc=5.4.10

pkgname = linux-gc-headers
        pkgdesc = Headers and scripts for building modules for the Linux kernel
        depends = linux-gc
        provides = linux-gc-headers=5.4.10
        provides = linux-headers=5.4.10


Leonidas Spyropoulos

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