[arch-general] Getting 404 errors while trying to install arch on a fresh system. Any rreason why?

ilovecountrymusic483 at gmail.com ilovecountrymusic483 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 14:52:06 UTC 2020

Hi all,


Using the tarch iso from www.tarch.info <http://www.tarch.info> , I am
unable to install to a fresh system.  During the download of packages, I get
unable to retreave packages the requested URL returned error code 404.  I
eventually I am given the message "Envalide or corrupted package."  Any
ideas on why this is happens?  I tried the latest tarch image from October,
but the image gives me no internet connection.  My internection is fine.  I
have updated the gpg keys, but the same thing hppens.  I am guessing that I
am getting partial downloads of some packages.  Any one seeing this with the
standered arch iso?  I am a blind user of linux so can not use the standard
iso to test.  If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreaseated.  I
did some searching but came up empty.  Thanks.





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