[arch-general] Why bind-tools was merged into bind package?

Óscar García Amor ogarcia at moire.org
Mon Jul 20 07:15:47 UTC 2020

Hi Eli,

El lun., 20 jul. 2020 a las 0:11, Eli Schwartz via arch-general
(<arch-general at archlinux.org>) escribió:
> Why do you care if a service is installed, if you aren't using that
> service? Don't enable the service. You have lots of disabled services
> installed already.

So so... :-)

> Why is it a problem if a system user is created that you don't need? You
> have lots of system users you don't use, already. If it bothers you that
> much, create a sysusers.d dropin override to prevent that user's creation.

No. Maybe the mail, ftp and http but the rest have a lot of sense to
me. But thanks for the tip of sysusers.d, I don't know that making a
symlink to /dev/null in /etc/sysusers.d with the same name of the file
in the package you can prevent user creation. :-)

> I see no rationale to re-split the package. The arguments you're using
> aren't arguments which arch typically values.

The problem is. Where is the limit? The whole distribution in one
package? The argument is the same, if you don't need it simply don't
use it.

 In this case we are talking about binaries widely used that will be
installed with a service rarely used. I think that packages that have
enough entity to be splitted should do it. From my point of view is
safer don't have a service installed than installed an disabled.


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