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Fri Jun 5 09:44:56 UTC 2020


I noticed something similar going on with the KDE package groups. Some groups are named "kde-*" (e.g. kde-applications), some are named "kde*" (e.g. kdeaccessibility) and then there is one group that is simply called "plasma".

Unfortunately I could not find any documentation about the naming scheme of the package groups. If I missed something I would be happy about a clarification as this seems very inconsistent and confusing to me.

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4. Juni 2020, 03:25 von lists at lrose.de:

> Hi,
> there are several packages for network manager and related software in the official repositories. Unfortunately, they follow different naming schemes. Most packages have "networkmanager" written as one word:
>  * networkmanager
>  * networkmanager-openconnect
>  * networkmanager-pptp
>  * networkmanager-vpnc
>  * networkmanager-strongswan
>  * networkmanager-openvpn
>  * ...
> However, some packages have "network-manager" written with a hyphen:
>  * network-manager-applet
>  * network-manager-sstp
> And then there is
>  * nm-connection-editor
>  * nm-cloud-setup
> which follows it's own naming scheme of having "networkmanager" redacted to "nm".
> Unfortunately, that makes it hard to remember how each package is called. Therefore there's always some guessing or searching involved when installing a network manager related feature. Of course, this is not the biggest issue of all time, but I think it's more complicated than it should be. Can we simplify the naming conventions of those packages to use one common scheme that's easy to remember instead of having multiple coexisting ones?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> LuKaRo

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