[arch-general] community/NUT access cgi in /usr/share/nut/cgi without FollowSymLinks?

NTS nts at gyatso.de
Sat Jun 6 09:46:41 UTC 2020

Hello David,

On 6 Jun 2020 10:33 a.m., "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com>

On 06/05/2020 04:04 AM, Maxime Gauduin via arch-general wrote:
> Hi David,
> I haven't used apache in years so please take this with a grain of
> salt. On nginx I'm using the alias directive, restricting access to
> the upsset.cgi to my local network [0], as suggested by the nut
> documentation in /etc/upsset.conf. It seems apache has a similar alias
directive so you may be able to achieve the same without using any symlink
> [0] https://paste.xinu.at/BNUJFeuBycXUw8fB/
> [1] https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_alias.html#alias
> Cheers,

Thanks for the reply,

  I already use the alias for the html directory, but the problem is with
cgi scripts since the default cgi-bin directory is /srv/http/cgi-bin, you
cannot declare a second alias for cgi-bin to /usr/share/nut/cgi -- apache
fail to start due to conflicting aliases.

That would work with location statements in nginx. You can use more than
one per path and the best fitting one will be used. Perhaps you could
switch over to nginx and/or reverse proxy to your Apache if you need it for
some paths?

Currently I have:

## nut directory
Alias /nut/ "/usr/share/nut/html/"
Alias /nut "/usr/share/nut/html/"
<Directory "/usr/share/nut/html">
<Directory "/usr/share/nut/cgi">
    Options +ExecCGI

  The problem is that the link in the nut files is hardwired to, e.g.:


so it looks for the cgi-bin directory off of the document root not under
/usr/share/nut/cgi and you can't alias to /cgi-bin/nut to /usr/share/nut/cgi
because /cgi-bin/nut will never match due to the default alias of /cgi-bin.

  So it looks like the way I have it will have to work, otherwise we have to
hack the urls in the nut/html files to look for the cgi scripts in
/usr/share/nut/cgi instead of under /cgi-bin/nut

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

Best wishes,


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