[arch-general] oops, 'sudo: pacman: command not found'

mpan archml-y1vf3axu at mpan.pl
Mon Jun 8 01:24:46 UTC 2020

> hi.  a month ago i ran out of room on my root file system, so relocated
> /var/cache/pacman to /home, and left behind a symlink. (…)
  “/var/cache/pacman” is owned by pacman and is supposed to be a
directory. If you have removed the directory and create a symlink
instead, the next update has simply overwritten it with proper contents.
Since it has been overwritten, it’s now an empty directory that contains
nothing and pacman can’t find “pacman-” there.
It seems that in the process you have deleted “/usr/bin/pacman” and,
because pacman can’t install things from non-existend archive, you are
also missing pacman now. Reinstall pacman using Arch ISO.

  As for moving the cache, it should be done using `CacheDir` in the
config, not through symlink. However, moving it to “/home” seems fishy.
Where exactly is it in “/home”? If your private home directory, you are
opening yourself to attacks. The cache should be in a location
accessible only to the root (or another user has sufficient privileges
to run `pacman` without further authentication).

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