[arch-general] dash as system /bin/sh? (Was: dash as default shell?)

Shorrer shorrer at yandex.by
Wed Jun 17 21:59:04 UTC 2020

On 17/06/2020 22:54, Kusoneko wrote:

> It has the cost that everyone who uses scripts that use bashisms will
> inevitably have issues, 
Anybody who is using Bash features with /bin/sh shebang is wrong anyway.
Want Bash features? Use #!/bin/bash
Want simpler POSIX-compatible shell that is also faster? Use #!/bin/sh
Do not care? Use #!/bin/bash
> furthermore, considering Arch only supports x86_64, I've yet to see
> systems under that architecture
> have low amounts of memory and 6MB of disk storage is incredibly small
Doesn't mean that performance and resource consumption is irrelevant.
Virtual machines might be
pretty constrained, for example. Celeron + 4GB laptops exist and people
might use them.
> Note that some upstreams will likely not care, and maintainers will
> have to patch the scripts
> manually in that case.

That was the problem for Debian and derivatives when they took that
initiative. Now, I think, the
scripts are mostly either patched by Debian maintainers or written
properly in upstreams because
Debian is pretty popular distro.

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