[arch-general] pacman --assume-installed in a config file?

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 18 13:47:06 UTC 2020

On 6/18/20 9:30 AM, Damjan Georgievski via arch-general wrote:
> I often find myself using the `assume-installed`[1] option of pacman
> when doing upgrades, since I want to avoid some (for me) nonsensical
> dependencies to be installed.
> Is it possible to configure this in some config file, so I don't have
> to remember to type it all the time?

You could create a dummy package for it, I guess.

> noto-fonts is pulled as a dependency of plasma-integration, but I
> don't want it installed since it takes over the default fonts (ships
> an aggressive fontconfig configuration) for many websites, and looks
> quite bad *for me* (on a 14" FHD display).
> It's also a 90MB package I don't need.

Hmm, I wonder why it is a hard dependency instead of being used via

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