[arch-general] latest kernel update surprise

Bennett Piater bennett at piater.name
Sun Mar 22 13:43:44 UTC 2020

On Sunday, March 22, 2020 2:28:13 PM CET Piscium via arch-general wrote:
> Before Arch I used Fedora for 7 years. I found Fedora far more stable
> than Arch when upgrading to a new Fedora version 3 months after
> release when most bugs have been fixed. With Arch there is always
> something that does not work properly and then days or weeks later it
> starts working again. It is not Arch's fault, rather it results from
> its KISS principle of making minimal or no changes to upstream
> packages so you get all the issues from upstream. Fedora does lots of
> patching and updates things less often so it is more stable than Arch.
> My suggestion is that if you are looking for reliability to use Debian
> Stable which has a big choice of packages and it stable, or else
> Fedora which is in between Debian Stable and Arch with respect to
> up-to-date packages and stability. Arch might not be the best distro
> for you. My €0.02.

I kind of disagree, I think that the KISS, no-magic approach of arch is 
perfect for visually impaired or blind power users like Jude.

However, maybe you should consider using the LTS kernel, packages as linux-
I have it installed and boot into it every ~4 years when something critical 
like wifi breaks. The LTS kernel has never broken for me, you might have a 
better experience with that.

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