[arch-general] suspend to RAM with home on NFS

hw hw at adminart.net
Sun Nov 1 22:21:17 UTC 2020

On Sun, 2020-11-01 at 13:29 -0800, Justin Capella via arch-general wrote:
> Do you have _netdev option set for /home in fstab?

_netdev?  No, I have added it now and will have to see what happens
next time I reboot.

Is that even required when the fstype is NFS?  Who would mount a file system
via NFS when the file system is a local one, and what would _netdev do if
someone did that?  What does the option do when remounting a file system
(mount -o remount)?

In any case, once I am or was logged in as a user, /home can not be
unmounted.  How would suspending to RAM deal with that?

> I can't think of any
> reasons this would be a problem. It certainly wouldn't prevent you from
> suspending, if anything you'd just encounter trouble when resuming.
> Check your systemd config perhaps?
> From the wiki here:
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Power_management/Suspend_and_hibernate

I've looked at this article, and it does not mention NFS.

> If the swap file is in /home/, systemd-logind will not be able to determine
> its size and thus will prevent hibernation. See systemd issue 15354 for a
> workaround.

Does this mean I need as much swap space as I have RAM on a physical disk?
I'm using SSDs for everything but /home, and SSDs are way too expensive for more
than the system and a small amount of swap space.

I thought suspending to RAM means to suspend to RAM and _not_ to disk, so it
won't need that much swap space.  If it requires as much swap as RAM, the feature
is totally useless.

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