[arch-general] USB flash installation medium in BIOS machines

Juergen Werner pogojotz at gmx.net
Tue Nov 3 13:04:05 UTC 2020

On 03/11/2020 10.23, u34 at net9.ga wrote:> Have you entered the firmware
configuration, or the bios configuration,
> whatever that is, to see its options?

I have 2 options for that during POST. Press F2 or Del to go into BIOS
configuration and see and reorder the boot devices. This list is a
classical BIOS boot device list. The other option is press F12 and
select a boot device, without the need to permanently reorder stuff.
This is very plain and leaves not much room for interpretation and I
tried both.

Since there is no (known) option to force the boot mode of the flash
drive, I went with Óscars suggestion and created a BIOS-GRUB flash drive
to load the ISO as loop device, which went really smooth. I used that
method before, when I originally installed Arch on it, but just for the
reason that I could have multiple ISOs on a stick without reflashing all
the time. That is probably the reason, why I never ran into this problem
with the Arch ISO.

I came to the conclusion, that my hardware is faulty. Somehow it is
capable to start the systemd-boot loader but not the actual UEFI image.
And all while not mentioning any EFI capabilities in BIOS settings.

Just out of curiosit, does anyone know a way to "ask" the hardware about
EFI capabilities, without actually booting through EFI?

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