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Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Nov 6 17:54:22 UTC 2020

Nov 6 2020, Fons Adriaensen has written:

> Hello all,
> After a full upgrade it seems I'm locked out :-(
Do you have free space on your root partition and/or whereever /tmp is
mounted on? I had a few issues a couple of times, especially with the
extra storage of new package files. Though even then, I think, I could
log into the system in emergency one-terminal mode.


Best wishes,


> The system boots normally, and shows the xdm login screen.
> But my password is not accepted. Same in a tty, also for
> root.
> I can boot using an installation stick, mount all partitions
> under /mnt as during installation, and do an arch-chroot /mnt
> I reset my password and the root password in that environment,
> but that didn't help. After a normal boot I'm still locked out.
> Any hints to solve this will be much appreciated !
> -- 
> FA

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