[arch-general] Thunderbird 78

Peter pufiad at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 20:05:52 UTC 2020


> anthraxx did update the PKGBUILD and we are testing the build but 
> currently for instance I’m unable to decrypt messages using the 
> external GnuPG feature (reported upstream), and there is also a build 
> issue with system bzip2 (I used the vendored one instead, but that’s 
> not what we want for the final build).
> So for now this remain WIP.
I couldn't find the ticket in Bugzilla. Can you please post the ticket 
number of the bug that was reported upstream?

GnuPG was replaced by OpenPGP. What are you referring to when you say 
"decrypt messages using the external GnuPG feature"?


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