[arch-general] Wine package broken

Jeremy Brown jeremy at brownjava.org
Tue Nov 24 23:47:02 UTC 2020

Hi archfolks,

So I did a `pacman -Syu` yesterday, after which point wine no longer
seems to work (any command I run, including just stock "winecfg" after
installing hangs forever).  I posted about it on the ArchLinux Reddit,
and also saw a post on the Arch forums about it:


I was able to build my own version of wine from source and that worked.
Then I built the wine PKGBUILD and that worked.  So I think the binary
package for wine may have been built wrong in some way, e.g. outdated
headers in a dependent package or something.

Should I file a bug, email the maintainer of the package, email the
latest package uploader, etc.?  What's the quickest way to get this



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