[arch-general] Systemd boot

Riccardo Paolo Bestetti pbl at bestov.io
Sat Nov 28 18:24:32 UTC 2020

On Sat Nov 28, 2020 at 1:58 PM CET, Lone_Wolf wrote:
> Archlinux has its own boot process, described at [1]
> Check the initramfs section and you'll see a reference to mkinitcpio [2]
> .
> On the mkinitcpio page look at the Common Hooks section.
> Basically there are 2 systems that archlinux can use in initramfs :
> busybox and systemd .
> Check the hooks in your mkinitcpio.conf : are you using the systemd hook
> or any of the sd-* hooks ?
> If yes, mkinitpio sd-encrypt hook is what handles your encrypted drives.
> see [3] for details
> If no, busybox encrypt hook is responsible, see [4].
I'm informed on what the supported boot processed for Arch are, and I
very well known which one I'm running, as I configured it. :)

I'm grateful for your help, but you didn't really answer any of my
questions, which are about some specifics of the systemd boot process
that I'd like to better understand.


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