[arch-general] Thunderbird 78

Bjoern Franke bjo at schafweide.org
Tue Oct 27 13:35:38 UTC 2020


>> Upstream requested all distros to not ship Thunderbird 78 until 78.2 is released:
>> https://twitter.com/mozthunderbird/status/1284418789153497090
>> Yours sincerely
>> G. K.
> Since upstream is now on version 78.3.3 and the message about upgrading 
> (on release notes) has disappeared since version 78.2.3 shouldn't we get 
> this update now?

I've switched now to 78.4.0 (from AUR) and it seems at lot of bugs of
the first 78.x releases are gone.

And even Ubuntu ships 78.x now, so switching to 78.x should be fine :)

Best Regards

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