[arch-general] [off-topic] Alternative to Thunderbird, with GPG support, caldav + cardav support, and ics remote webcal support and syncing

Javier j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 21:18:07 UTC 2020

Hi !

I'm looking for a mail client integrated with a calendar system and a contacts system, that works on both GNU+Linux and Windows, hopefully not Thunderbird, Kontact (Kmail + Korganizer + Kaddressbook), neither Evolution.

I'm looking for a client which supports and uses GPG and its keyring and agent, for signing and recognizing signatures, encrypting and decrypting, and that supports autocrypt (autocrypt is pretty important to me).  I'm also looking for integration with calendar, being able to receive invitations and events via email, and adding them to the calendar if wanted.  The calendar must be able to add and keep in sync caldav remote calendars as well as ics remote web calendars (syncing them periodically, being able to set the period up, and the ics included calendars can be read only, but not the caldav ones).  I'm also looking for integration with contacts, and the contact must be able to add and keep in sync cardav remote contancts.

Until Thunderbird v68, it was the option through the enigmail, lightning and the cardbook extensions, but I really don't want to keep using Thunderbird v78 and beyond any more.  I don't like several design decisions made by the Thunderbird team, regarding how they'll handle PGP, like not using the GPG keyring, not using the GPG agent, not integrating with GPG in general, and neither supporting autocrypt initially (which should be a must to release, or so I think, even K9 for android supports it).

I understand Kontact is close, it even works on Windows, but besides the fact I don't like the bunch of dependencies brought to the system by it, neither its Akonadi sort of DB, I never got it syncing ics remote web calendars and I really don't know if one can't set autocrypt for it.  I really never liked Evolution either, so that really is less of an option for me, but besides it doesn't work on windows that I know of.

I'd prefer Qt applications, but that's just a preference, not a requirement.  I was investigating about Trojitá, to see if it would integrate with other applications it doesn't provide, but I found it can decrypt, but not encrypt, and it doesn't support carddav contacts, and even less keeping them in sync, so it was not worth investigating about calendars being able to extend the Trojitá functionality...  Kube looked promising, but it's only for GNU+Linux and Mac (perhaps, though not officially supported BSDs).

Are there any options for such client, or set of clients working together?

Thanks !


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