[arch-general] PyJWT 2.0+

Marcus Hoffmann bubu at bubu1.eu
Sat Aug 21 12:12:33 UTC 2021


I wanted to ask if anyone knows what's up with updating 
https://archlinux.org/packages/?q=python-pyjwt to v2.0+.

v2.0 has been released last December, and there's been a bunch of minor 
versions since.

I realize this has a bunch of dependent packages, is there anything in 
particular blocking this?

Mostly asking because I adopted python-social-auth-core in the AUR which 
depends on pyjwt 2.0+ since January this year. (others say it works fine 
for them with the older version, but I'm hesitant to ignore upstreams 
version range suggestion.)


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